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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Technical Difficulties & Such

Dearest readers, listeners, and all others,

Please forgive me, but I have had the following happen to me:

1. I currently live with friend's family and, due to some recent equipment bought by the Aunt, there is now a horrible hum and feedback in the background of my podcast. This hum drowned out my voice several times, so I am going to move the computer to a different location and try recording the podcast again.

2. Also due to the electrical interference caused by the Aunt's flourescent light and air purifier, I get repeated disconnected from the internet (I use a wireless modem). Thus, I cannot upload even the 'bad' podcast if I wanted to.

3. I received more information by email for my theme, some news stories and a book to review. So, here is my promise to you:

No matter how bad the hum, no matter how intermittent the connection, I will have this week's podcast up no later than Tuesday (if not, rest assured you will all be informed). Also, I will do two podcasts this week - you can expect the next one at the regular Friday time.

Finally, in the coming days, I will be adding an email subscriber to my homepage so that an email will go out to you whenever the podcast has been updated. I hope that this will help you all!

Thank you again, and please remember to pray for those involved and volunteering for the disaster known as Hurricane Katrina!



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